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опубликовано: 10.10.2022

WDS 250 – Wall and ceiling grinding in small rooms

Use with e-excavators and a perfected suction system ensures high area coverage with improved health protection at the same time

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Schwamborn's WDS 530 wall and ceiling grinding machine, which has won several innovation awards, has become a little sister just in time for BAUMA. With the new WDS 250 and a grinding radius of 250 mm, it is now possible to use professional grinding technology even in small interior spaces.

The technology received the award as a finalist in the Bauma Innovation Prize because heavy decoating work that previously had to be carried out by hand was now possible with outstanding area performance, ergonomics and health protection that had not been achieved before.

The new WDS 250 is hydraulically operated and can be used with electric mini crawler excavators and offers maneuverability in small spaces.

The Schwamborn WDS family shows its full strength when it comes to decoating contaminated material such as asbestos, paint or similar. Because not only is the worker protected as much as possible by operating with excavators or construction robots, but the amount of waste can also be reduced to the shift that actually needs to be disposed of.


The hydraulically operated wall and ceiling grinding machine can be equipped with a wide variety of diamond tools – as is the case with floor processing. With the WDS 250, the spectrum ranges from decoating PCDs to grinding diamonds for fine grinding. This creates completely new - also architectural - possibilities for the processing of walls and ceilings. Due to the increasingly strict environmental regulations for demolition, the outstanding advantage of the new technology can be seen in the targeted decoating of material to be disposed of, which is of outstanding and above all cost-saving importance for the demolition industry.

Grind to a high-gloss result

Another aspect, in addition to the de-coating and substrate preparation during renovation and the construction of walls and ceilings, is the possibility of using fair-faced concrete as a design element in interior design to a high-gloss finish.

Maneuverability and operation with an e-excavator

The new WDS 250 combines professional grinding technology with extremely high manoeuvrability. Due to the operation with electrically operated mini excavators, it is also ideally suited for smaller interiors. In addition to operation with mini excavators, the use of even smaller construction robots is also possible. This makes the new WDS 250 the solution for the demolition industry when it comes to removing material to be disposed of indoors.

Depending on the area of ​​application, the grinding head of the WDS 250 can be equipped with a wide variety of diamond tools.

Ergonomics and protection of health

VBefore the WDS was introduced, decoating work was only possible by hand with hammer drills and chisels. Despite wearing protective clothing, the worker was always directly exposed to the predominantly harmful dust. With the new technology, the operator can work at a considerable distance from the wall or ceiling and is also supported by a perfected dust extraction system. The development of dust is reduced to an absolute minimum through the use of industrial vacuum cleaners and so-called dust pre-separators. To this end, Schwamborn has continued to develop the machine-hose-adapter system and can now ensure that the material to be disposed of is collected directly in "dustbags" without burdening the workers in the rooms.

Conclusion: Anyone who wants to grind walls and ceilings with outstanding surface performance and ergonomics should be convinced of the many advantages at BAUMA - Schwamborn is represented in Hall A1, Stand 314.