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опубликовано: 04.06.2020

Dust reduction at its best

Schwamborn präsentiert ein völlig neues Saugersystem mit erheblich verbesserter Staubabsaugung.

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Das System besteht aus einem sehr einfach zu bedienendem Klick-System, antistatischen Schläuchen und einem robusten Schnellkupplungssystem für Schlauchverlängerungen.

Schwamborn presents a completely new dust extraction system with considerably improved performance. Milling and grinding floors, walls and ceilings is a mechanical process that inevitably creates dust. On the one hand this is dangerous to health and therefore implies that fewer workers are willing to perform such jobs. On the other hand there are numerous excuses in the industry to do without perfected dust reduction. It is high time to break new ground here. The German construction machinery manufacturer Schwamborn has done so.

With the increasing shortage of skilled workers and, above all, the increasing awareness of health protection, the requirements concerning dust reduction have increased significantly. CEO Eckart Schwamborn explains: “It was our ambition to be able to offer highly improved and sustainable solutions. As a result we can now present a completely redesigned suction system that is perfectly adapted to the requirements on the construction sites."

Perfected dust reduction is of particular interest for companies that grind or mill contaminated or environmentally harmful material. Therefore Schwamborn offers a perfectly suitable suction system for these particularly demanding requirements. STS 130 and STS 260 are examples for H-certified models that meet such high standards.

The new powerful suction series by Schwamborn offers highly improved suction power

Last year Schwamborn reworked the entire dust extraction line. This way, the company succeeded in improving the suction capacity for almost all models in the new STS line. As a consequence thereof, the "3-stage filtering" was perfected as well, so the installation of high-performance particle filters according to "HEPA standard" (H13, H14) is now a matter of course for all Schwamborn models. Thereby coarse particles are filtered first and then a polyester pre-filter removes up to 99.9% of the dust. In the third stage, up to 99.995% of all dust particles on site are filtered by HEPA filters. To put it in a nutshell, new Schwamborn suction machines offer significantly higher suction power.

Reduction of dust and pollutants by up to 99,995% using the 3-stage Hepa-filter-system

The breakthrough - the machine-hose adapter system

However, the suction power itself is only one side of the coin. "Our goal had to be the development of a system that was maximally closed, realistic and easy to implement on site," says Eckart Schwamborn. In fact, with almost all commercially available systems, the connection between the grinding and the suction machine is the biggest challenge, which gets all the bigger when you have to lengthen the hoses. "Our new suction system guarantees easy handling on site and increases the likelihood that it will actually be used," explains the CEO of the Swabian machine builder Eckard Schwamborn, alluding to the often neglected handling of dust reduction on construction sites, which is not least due to the impractical and time-consuming handling of the respective tools.

Easy handling on site by the innovative machine-hose-adapter system

The new suction machine (see graphic) has a particularly easy-to-use click system, antistatic hoses and a robust quick coupling system for hose extensions.

Just one click to attach hoses between grinding and suction machine

The new system is rounded off by large built-in, abrasion-resistant wheels, an integrated brake, a practical holder for cable ties and a Longbag tear-resistant dust collector, all fitted as standard. "From now on," states the CEO of the innovative Swabian manufacturer of state-of-the-art grinding machines, "there are hardly any excuses for poor dust reduction when grinding floors, walls and ceilings from now on.”