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опубликовано: 23.08.2021

Schwamborn adds floor stripper to its product range

The specialist for floor processing machines now also offers special machines for the removal of carpeting, sports floors, tiles and parquet.

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"With us you make floors good..." is the central promise of the Swabian machine builder Schwamborn. The market leader in Germany for concrete grinding and cleaning machines is now rounding off its product portfolio with so-called floor strippers. Good news for all floor, parquet, sports floor and tile layers.

"We always aim to offer the best possible solution for every type of floor finishing," says Eckart Schwam-born, CEO at Schwamborn, the Wangen-based construction machinery manufacturer of the same name. "With the new floor strippers, we are closing a gap and getting closer and closer to our goal." In addition to a wide variety of concrete grinding machines, concrete milling machines, single-disc machines and the world's first wall & ceiling grinder, which has won several innovation awards, Schwamborn now also offers professional machines for decoating during renovation work.
Schwamborn floor strippers are floor treatment machines for removing floor coverings and their adhesives with cutters, cutter shafts, blades or scraper blades.

Systematic product range
Always with a view to the concrete requirements on the construction sites, the "Schwamborn system" describes the systematic, solution-oriented configuration of the machine and the tool for floor processing. This concept of consistent focus on customer benefit, which has been successful in the challenges of subfloor preparation, renovation, design as well as in the care and cleaning of floors, has now also been applied to the new product line. "Machines are usually selected on the basis of the size of the surface to be treated and the force required. Then it comes down to equipping them with the most suitable tools specifically designed for the task at hand," says Schwamborn Product Manager Tobias Raab. This ensures the best possible efficiency in terms of robustness, area performance, processing speed and thoroughness.

The new Schwamborn range extends from small, very robust strippers, including a parquet saw...

The product range thus extends from compact, robust machines for small and medium-sized areas, such as the FBS 105 or FBS 190 models, which are particularly powerful with hydraulic technology, to ride-on machines. For example, the ride-on floor stripper FBS 1200 can thoroughly remove a worn sports floor in a gym in no time at all. This is because the optimised motor technology ensures long running times for this battery-powered model. powerful ride-on machines

The selection of suitable tools also means that almost any wish can be accommodated. Cutter shafts are used for resin-bonded gravel, tiles and ceramics. A range of different cutters and scraper blades is available for removing linoleum, sports surfaces, carpeting and adhesives. These are available in various geometries, dimensions and degrees of sharpness to suit the respective application, saving the operator a lot of effort, time and material costs - thanks to the "Schwamborn system".

More information about the new Schwamborn floor stripping machines

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Используемые инструменты и аксессуары

  • Пакет дополнительных принадлежностей FBS 1200, большой (619072)

    Поставляется в металлическом ящике на колесах в комплекте с:

    7 разных ножевых держателей, набор запасных ножей из 12 частей, по 1 саморежущему лезвию шириной 305 и 685 мм, набор ножевых хвостовиков из 4 частей, 1 набор скребковых лезвий из 50 шт. 305x22 мм, 1 нож со сборным креплением

  • Пакет дополнительных принадлежностей FBS 1200, малый (619073)

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    4 разных ножевых держателя, набор запасных ножей из 5 частей, 1 саморежущее лезвие шириной 305 мм, 1 угловой хвостовик ножа, 1 набор скребковых лезвий из 50 шт. 305 x 22 мм

  • Пакет дополнительных принадлежностей FBS 420 (619074)

    Поставляется в пластиковом транспортном ящике на колесах в комплекте с:

    3 различных ножевых держателя шириной 203/255/305 мм, запорный зажим, 3 различных U-образных лезвия, набор запасных ножей из 6 частей, Systainer IV, на роликах