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опубликовано: 23.05.2021

Diamond pads quickly make industrial coatings shine


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The latest innovation in long-lasting diamond pads brings the perfect finish to cement-based, mineral coatings in just one operation

If you want to make cement-bound coatings quickly, ergonomically and in dry use, with a perfect optic and easy to clean, the floor specialist Schwamborn is the right address to make good floors.

Pouring of the cement-bound mineral coating
Fine grinding with the Schwamborn STR 500 and Furby Pads Ø-125 mm, very fine

The latest innovation in diamond pads called Furby Pads, greatly simplifies the finishing of modern design and industrial floor coatings. Cement-bound, self-levelling floor coatings are very trendy as design floors or in industrial halls. They are easy to apply, have few joints, can be individually designed and are permanently resilient. If you want them to be durable and easy to clean, a fine grind is recommended.

Dry use advantageous because it is fast

The Schwamborn flooring experts aim to offer the optimal solution for every flooring task. It was absolutely necessary to develop the best possible grinding tools for these very popular floor coverings. With the new Furby Pads, this has been achieved exceptionally well, as the following practical example shows. This is because these pads, specially developed for polishing surfaces, have a revolutionary dynamic bond with a large number of the finest diamonds. They not only allow a high 3-D freedom of movement when polishing, but above all, faster processing. Because the use of these pads for fine grinding results in a low level of heat development, which makes them ideal for dry use.

A brilliant result - the polished, level and seamless flooring of a 70 sqm new double garage

In just one hour, a cement-based mineral coating was polished on a 70 square meter garage area with the Schwamborn STR 500 and Furby Pads.

The result - as our illustration shows - a visually outstanding floor with the greatest possible evenness, without joint, long lasting and easy to care.

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  • STR 500

    Многофункциональная шлифовальная и полировальная машина с трио-планетарным редуктором

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Используемые инструменты и аксессуары

  • Пад Furby (722190)

    Ø 125 мм, синего, Очень мелкая зернистость, уп.3 шт

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