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опубликовано: 20.01.2021

Lighten your workspace

Schwamborn erweitert das Zubehör um Maschinen- und Baustellenbeleuchtung.

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Das Angebot an Maschinenbeleuchtung reicht von den ultraschlanken Arbeits-leuchten der NOVA-Serie mit eingebauten Magneten und mit bis zu 2.000 Lu-men Lichtstärke bis zu Stirnlampen mit einem besonders breiten Abstrahlwinkel.

Schwamborn is expanding its range of accessories by machine and construction site lighting systems.

Effective lighting systems set the stage for perfect concrete grinding and floor finishing on construction sites. Because those who see more gain ground. Therefore Schwamborn now provides a powerful and fle-xible range of machine and construction site lighting systems.

Robust and efficient work lights for machinery and work sites

„Of what use is the best machine or the best diamond tool if you can't see exactly what you are doing on site due to poor lighting conditions?" This question has been posed by both Schwamborn's ap-plication engineers and customers. "We are therefore really pleased that we can now present a variety of high-performance LED lighting solutions that perfectly match our machines," explains CEO Eckart Schwamborn.

The choice of machine lightings ranges from ultra-slim work lights of the NOVA series with built-in magnets and a luminous intensity of up to 2,000 lumens to headlamps with a particularly wide beam angle. The "NOVA Sound" variant even offers a built-in loudspeaker. Moreo-ver, all lights are equipped with the unique COB-LED technology, which combines extraordinary luminosity and long service life. As all lights are operated with rechargeable batteries they can be fitted and positioned flexibly.

For more light in the workplace – the new powerful, flexible lighting with magnetic mounting for your Schwamborn grinding, milling and cleaning machines

With housings made of injection-molded aluminum, the lights are ex-tremely robust and hence ideally suited for use under harsh conditions such as shocks and vibrations during concrete grinding. Finally, the new range of lighting systems is rounded up by precisely fitting ac-cessories such as a highly stable tripod to illuminate a certain work area and an extremely strong magnetic holder for flexible positioning of NOVA lights on all magnetic surfaces.

With this cutting-edge lighting range, Schwamborn systematically pur-ses the concept of providing optimized solutions for all conceivable flooring applications. After launching the new industrial vacuum clea-ners and the "click system" for perfected health-friendly dust reduc-tion earlier this year, the novel lighting system marks another milesto-ne on the way to making floors better still.

Используемые инструменты и аксессуары

  • NOVA MINI (722200)

    Компактная светодиодная лампа рабочего освещения с системой SMART GRIP и силой света 1000 люмен

    время работы 1,5-15 ч

  • NOVA R (722201)

    Универсальная светодиодная лампа рабочего освещения с питанием от аккумулятора с силой света до 2000 люмен

    время работы 1-10 ч

  • NOVA 3K C+R (722202)

    Светодиодная лампа рабочего освещения на 3000 люмен со DUAL SYSTEM

    время работы 1-14 ч

  • NOVA 5K C+R (722203)

    Светодиодная лампа рабочего освещения на 5000 люмен со DUAL SYSTEM

    время работы 1-12 ч

  • NOVA SOUND (722204)

    Светодиодная лампа рабочего освещения на 600 люмен со встроенным динамиком и аккумулятором

    время работы 6 ч/3 ч

  • NOVA I-VIEW (722205)

    Аккумулятор Налобный фонарь с светодиодной

    время работы 2.5 ч/5 ч

  • ШТАТИВА NOVA (722206)

    Гибкое стационарное размещение ламп рабочего освещения

    Штатив можно регулировать по высоте в диапазоне от 1,35 м до 3 м

  • NOVA Mагнитный держатель (722207)

    Mощный магнитный держатель для гибкого размещения ламп рабочего освещения NOVA на любых магнитных поверхностях

    Удерживающее усилие более 20 кг/200 Н

  • Освещение для строительной площадки КИТ (722208)

    Включает: NOVA 5K C+R / ШТАТИВА NOVA / NOVA Mагнитный держатель