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Sales and after-sales service

Helping you really gain ground!

The demands made of modern floor construction differ on practically every construction site, during every renovation and every phase of floor construction. The right choice of appropriate machinery and, above all, the configuration of the machine can only be made if all prerequisites are known. The competent advice of our sales service ensures that you really gain ground!

1. Determination of prerequisite

In new buildings:

Subsurface condition, type of use and load capacity, space requirements, spatial features, etc.

For renovations and refurbishments:

Type of subsurface or coating of the flooring material, current state of the floor, object of renovation, future use

Recommendation of optimum machine

2. Necessary working steps

• Subsurface preparation
• Flooring material

Recommendation on sequence of machining and optimised tool and accessory selection

3. Durable protection and care

Depending on the flooring material, the longevity of the floor can be considerably improved through protection, cleaning and maintenance measures. The choice of protection and care measures depends on the nature of the floor and the type of load involved.

Recommendation on protection, cleaning and care measures

Sales and after-Sales service

3.1 Sales service

On receipt of your inquiry, we collect the necessary information and arrange an on-site appointment with you if necessary. In addition to this, we determine the machine and tool requirements. You therefore receive a transparent and comprehensible offer on this basis.

3.2 After-sales service

We will be delighted to provide you with the machine and necessary accessories, instruct you on site in handling and give you practical tips on how to really gain ground!

Helping you really gain ground!