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Gaining ground with us!

With our slogan “Gaining ground with us” we give a double promise: First of all, when using Schwamborn products you can make perfect floors, and second, it will strengthen your position and make you more competitive because our products are developed in constant cooperation together with professional users and new innovations.

The development and technical improvements of our products are in a close cooperation with professional users. This ensures a more efficient and operator friendly floor preparation.

Quality is always in fashion. It guides our thoughts and actions and is the most important issue for a longterm and trustful cooperation with our customers. Therefore we understand our customer problems as a challenge to develop with our know-how and experience solutions for nearly any application in the floor preparation and maintenance industry. Ergonomics in line with economy, efficiency and reliability – all these are questions which occupy us to search constantly for better solutions in floor preparation. This is based on a system and follows a certain strategy. Therefore, we show on the following pages how we support a constant process in our product development with our “System Schwamborn”. Only with all the advantages and specific solutions we can ensure to make a perfect floor.

Our guiding principles

Gaining ground with us in using professional floor solutions from Schwamborn. Since more than 80 years we offer complete solutions for floor preparation and maintenance. In perfection with quality “Made in Germany“.

Products and service Made in Germany

The name Schwamborn stands for quality, reliability and a long service life.


Our story - our origins

Quality - Made in Germany