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Schwamborn offers innovative products and solutions for professional grinding, milling, trowelling and cleaning.

Gaining ground with us!

New, innovative building materials lead to changing and, no less important, architecturally attractive solutions. Simultaneously, the associated demands are also growing, both in ergonomic and efficiency terms. With its own research and development department and in close cooperation with professional users, Schwamborn develops innovative, user-oriented solutions to tackle these challenges – through engineering Made in Germany.

Production in Wangen

Construction machinery, tools and accessories are manufactured in Wangen near Göppingen for grinding, milling, trowelling and cleaning of floors – and now also walls and ceilings. The focus of the company in this respect is on global solutions, as this is the key to achieving a unique position on the market. This demands ever more ergonomic, efficient and, with regard to building materials, ever more versatile solutions.
Use of professional grinding technology for the construction, refurbishment, design or cleaning and care of concrete, natural stone, terrazzo and industrial floors is traditionally hard physical work that generates a lot of dust.

A system for even better results

Schwamborn therefore strives through its system to achieve a perfect configuration of the components involved, meaning the right machine, tools, dust extractor and chemical products relative to the size of the area to be worked, the quality of the subsurface and its future use as an industrial or designer floor, to mention just a few examples.

From machine manufacturer to comprehensive solution provider

In over 85 years of business, Schwamborn has developed from being purely a machine manufacturer to become a provider of comprehensive solutions. In addition to the continuous improvement of building machines and tools (e.g. grinding diamonds, pads, bush hammering tools, etc.), user orientation is at the core of the strategy. A dedicated application technology department imparts the advantages of these solutions through training seminars and during after-sales service, and a permanent exchange and contact with users is maintained.

This has led to the development of versatile innovations in recent years such as remote-controlled grinding machines, new efficient grinding diamonds, a dust extraction system perfectly tailored to suit machines and, a global first, the WDS 530, our wall, ceiling and floor grinder that, for the first time, enables the use of professional grinding technology to achieve a phenomenal surface quality. Indeed, Schwamborn was awarded the Innovation Award twice for the innovative WDS 530.

Products and service Made in Germany

The name Schwamborn stands for quality, reliability, sustainability and a long service life.

Our guiding principles

Gaining ground with us in using professional floor solutions from Schwamborn. Since more than 85 years we offer complete solutions for floor preparation and maintenance. In perfection with quality “Made in Germany“.


Our story - our origins

Schwamborn - Construction machinery with the perfection and quality "Made in Germany"