System Schwamborn

Beyond customer’s requirements we create perfect solutions – but with a system

The variety of construction material is increasing year by year. The requirements on floors are growing regarding load bearing capacity, reliability, function, in design and appearance. The demand on machines nowadays is not alone to make a straight, even and smooth surface by grinding, milling, cleaning and trowelling.

With the new ideas and concepts created by architects, modern construction material and last not least with the increasing demand on environmental issues and more labour protection, the need of specific solutions in the floor preparation and maintenance has been growing. Our experience, the constant communication with our customers and last not least with our know-how and creative employees we face not only new challenges, we understand us as a motor showing new innovations and trends in the floor preparation industry. Our thoughts constantly circle on the 4-basic needs:

Economy, reliability, easy to use, innovation.

Our demands are to offer a perfect solution for nearly all tasks in floor preparation and maintenance. These are specific concepts like grinding and polishing of concrete floors up to a Crystal finish, removing of epoxy coatings with special designed diamonds and milling tools. Further solutions to make our products faster, reliable and economical.

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