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Breathing new life into the old...

... through gentle processing

Where old surfaces call for a new radiance, Schwamborn provides machinery and, most importantly, the ideal tool for practically every kind of floor and wear. An example of this is the restoration of marble flooring in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg using Schwamborn grinding technology. Applica-tions are, on the whole, as diverse as demands in the cons-truction industry.

Renovation measures include the removal of adhesive and fillers, the levelling of floor irregularities, re-moval of (lane) markings, scarifying of coatings, renovation of screed, refurbishment of a maintenance film on coated PVC and linoleum floors, grouting of screed and epoxy resin and, last but by no means least, polishing and grinding of natural stone coverings such as marble and granite.

Natural stone refurbishment

With the latest grindinig technology for floors

Marble renovation in the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg

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Natural stone refurbishment at the airport in Oman

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Industrial floor and maintenance film renovation

with substance preserving grinding machines and suitable tools

Extensive industrial floor renovation in a production facility

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Maintenance film renovation of the PVC floor in the University Clinic in Cologne

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Parking block refurbishment

Coarse irregularities in industrial floors are effectively removed
Schwamborn does an impressive job in a parking block refurbishment

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Overview of processes and machines by area size

Floor, natural stone, parking block and industrial floor renovation with Schwamborn construction machines

Renovation of concrete, natural stone, wood and PVC