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The latest high-tech machinery and appropriate tools

... ensure new creative diversity

Architects and construction planners demonstrate an increa-sing preference for the design options inherent in modern flooring materials to give buildings their own special indivi-dual character. All that is needed is the creativity of planners and perfected system solutions to implement these.

Whether polished concrete floors, industrial screed with terrazzo aesthetics, magnesia screed, mastic asphalt or co-loured cement screed is involved: designer floors represent the current trend in modern architecture. They transform public buildings, office buildings, exhibition rooms, shop-ping centres, industrial buildings, retail outlets, restaurants or private homes into unique and very special architectural structures.

Systematic design
We provide a perfectly harmonised system for different production, refining and cleaning processes, ranging from machinery and appropriate accessories to impregnation and cleaning agents:


Depending on the material composition and machining re-gulations governing designer floors, these are sealed and smoothened with STR trowels with special metal or plastic smoothing plates and wing floats.

Grinding wet and dry processes

Grinding is generally realised with DSM grinders in wet and dry processes using special diamond tools. The diamond technology and grinding grades employed also influence the appearance of designer floors. Light sanding creates a fine salt and pepper structure, as only minuscule fine grain particles are exposed as a result. Intensive sanding exposes the grain structure, creating a terrazzo appearance.


... until you can mirror yourself in it

Diamond grinding and surface protection influence the gloss finish of flooring. Brilliant results are guaranteed with our high-speed EU series polishing machines.


... with a special chemical hardening process

A special chemical hardening process is used for refining ce-ment designer floors. This enhances surface hardness and its resistance to wear.

Our suitable chemical products


... best with our new WISA stain protection system

Special protective impregnation best suited to the subsurfa-ce involved ensures long-term protection and maintenance of the value of designer floors and, additionally, facilitates cleaning.

We have developed a new chemical solution with the WISA stain protection system.

Overview of processes and machines by area size

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