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Flooring construction, grinding and the designing of walls and ceilings have been revolutionised through modern building materials and most importantly, the variety of machining options available. An abundance of factors influences the selection of a machine, tools, dust extraction and accessory configuration, including the size of the area to be worked, the subsurface quality, its future utilisation as industrial or designer flooring and use in private residential or large retail properties, to name just a few significant examples.

In addition, ergonomic and health protection demands have also increased considerably.

Application options can be subdivided into the areas off "Subsurface Preparation", "Renovation", "Design" and "Care & Cleaning". These in turn are, naturally enough, characterised by individual process steps governed by quality and future usage.

We strive to provide you with a solution to every problem through the best machine and accessory combination and our know-how. Not least because of this, we currently have developed a new and innovative dust reduction system and optimized our complete range of chemical products.

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