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Information to help you gain ground

The new dates for 2024 will be announced soon.

New, innovative building materials lead to changing and, no less important, architecturally attractive flooring solutions in floor construction. As a result, perfectly tailored floors can be built today for almost any application using a variety of materials and processes.

At the same time, continuously evolving machine and diamond technology and, in particular, continually growing expertise offer ever better opportunities when it comes to refurbishing and rebuilding floors.

Schwamborn flooring specialists are active both nationally and internationally. They support architects, clients, building material suppliers, machining and grinding firms, from the recipe for building materials and installation of flooring to questions relating to the protection and care of floors.

Technical seminars for professionals and beginners

Our training seminars are a resounding success story. With increasing numbers of attendees (at two locations since autumn 2018), seminar participants have the opportunity to benefit from our expertise.

Both professionals and beginners can profit here from the decades of experience gained by our application technicians who impart theoretical know-how and application engineering to a degree that ensures that every participant gains considerable ground through valuable tips and practical exercises.

How to gain ground with us

If you are professionally involved in the construction, renovation and refurbishment of floors, our new seminar programme is just right for you. We offer 1.5 days of professional seminars where you can benefit from our experience.

Our topics include the following:

  • Subsurface preparation
  • Machinery and tool technology
  • Installation and trowelling
  • Surface treatment
  • Waterproofing and care

For the perfect application of building machinery and accessories