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More and more clients are opting for this classic old form of flooring, due to the increase in individual demands and expectations in modern homes and commercial buildings. Terrazzo floors are now easier to create and, more importantly, also simpler to renovate, not least due to the availability of sophisticated floor grinding machines, modern diamond tools and innovative new building materials and cleaning processes. Terrazzo is once again extremely fashionable.

The aggregates used with terrazzo floors are now more versatile, and the cement used as a bonding agent can be manufactured in a broad spectrum of colours through the addition of pigmentation. All this makes terrazzo one of the flooring materials with the most extensive range of design options.

Special features of terrazzo floors

• Individual design options
• A unique creation every time
• A long service life
• Durability
• A seamless finish
• Ease of care

Renovating old terrazzo



Grinding and polishing new terrazzo

Experience and trust count for a lot, particularly when it comes to renovating old terrazzo floors. But Schwamborn also offers system solutions for the installation and grinding of new terrazzo floors, ranging from modern machine and diamond technology to waterproofing and care and including support on the building site, right from the initial phase to a completed terrazzo floor. With over 80 years of experience, more and more customers around the world place their trust in the Schwamborn System.

Professional creation of terrazzo flooring