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Car parks

Parking levels and indoor car parks are exposed to different natures and increasingly extreme types of stress, due to factors such as damp, de-icing salts, mechanical stress, tyre abrasion and car emissions. For these reasons, extremely high requirements need to be met with regard to professional waterproofing of buildings to avoid long-term damage in reinforced concrete caused by cracks in the surface coating.

If cracks in the surface coating are detected too late, there is a risk of corrosion in the steel reinforcing which, depending on the extent of damage caused, can result in extremely expensive surface renovation measures. For this reason, removal of the coating using floor grinding machines with PCD diamond tools or through removal with scarifiers or cold milling machines represents an appropriate preventive measure against corrosion achieved through the steps described below.

In cases of damage, effective removal of the old coating is achieved with large floor grinding machines such as the Schwamborn DSM 800S and special PCD tools. This is a much preferred process, as it is extremely efficient and results in no far-reaching damage to or impact on the structural statics. In the case of extremely hard coatings, these need, depending on the situation, to be milled off to pave the way for subsurface preparation for a new coating. Depending on the initial situation, grinding with a concrete grinding machine can already achieve a surface roughness of a depth which is adequate and then enables the application of a coating.

Refurbishment of parking levels and indoor car parks