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Marble grinding and polishing

Marble is an old and well-known stone and used all over the world for creating floors to contribute to the quality image and elegant appearance of residential buildings, hotels and offices. Marble is a soft stone and consequently subject to greater wear, depending on the exposed daily traffic.

Marble grinding, polishing and crystallizing are widespread working methods in the marble renovation business to increase the shine, look and image of dull looking floors. Heavy duty single disc machines like the Schwamborn ES 51S and floor grinding machines from Schwamborn are used in combination with ETX-metal bond and resin bond diamonds depending on the environment on floor size.

Floors with a dull appearance and less scratches can be re-polished again to a high-gloss finish through marble crystallization. Heavy single disc machines with marble powder and a white pad are used for this purpose.

Uneven floors with lippage and deeper scratches require first one or two grinding steps with metal bond diamonds followed by resin bond diamonds in combination with heavy floor grinders. A final gloss level is achieved by the wet crystallization process. To keep the natural look and shine it is recommended to use Schwamborn Protect.

Marble grinding, polishing and crystallising