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Asphalt - Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt is a screed based on bitumen, chippings, rock dust and sand and is used, for example, as a building material and also for thermal insulation and footfall sound insulation when renovating old buildings. It has a rapid setting time which reduces the building duration.

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Designer Floors

Architects and construction planners demonstrate an increasing preference for the design options inherent in modern flooring materials to give buildings their own special individual character. All that is needed is the creativity of planners and perfected system solutions to implement these.

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Elastic Flooring Material

Resilient flooring is frequently the first choice among elastic flooring materials in heavily frequented buildings, due to its durability and the ease with which it can be cleaned and cared for. Inadequate floor cleaning and maintenance lead to blooming on and damage to the floor. An attempt is then made to preserve the resilient floor through intensive basic cleaning or polymer film coat renovation by stripping with aggressive cleaning pads.

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Airport Oman

Expansion of the capacity of the most important and largest airport in the Sultanate of Oman to accommodate 12 million passengers annually sees the completion of an initial step in reaching the ambitious goals of the airport company. The gigantic new terminals and parking blocks represented an enormous challenge for flooring installers, necessitating as it did the use of the latest machinery for floor treatment and processing.

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Industrial Flooring

Professional floor grinding techniques are increasingly employed when building industrial flooring. This process involves heavy duty floor grinder with advanced diamond technology and floor chemicals for the floor hardening process and final impregnators for a long term protection. These floors are of a high quality and ideally suitable for production areas, warehouses or exhibition rooms.

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Marble is an old and well-known stone and used all over the world for creating floors to contribute to the quality image and elegant appearance of residential buildings, hotels and offices. Marble is a soft stone and consequently subject to greater wear, depending on the exposed daily traffic.

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Indoor Car Parks

Parking levels and indoor car parks are exposed to different natures and increasingly extreme types of stress, due to factors such as damp, de-icing salts, mechanical stress, tyre abrasion and car emissions. For these reasons, extremely high requirements need to be met with regard to professional waterproofing of buildings to avoid long-term damage in reinforced concrete caused by cracks in the surface coating.

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More and more clients are opting for this classic old form of flooring, due to the increase in individual demands and expectations in modern homes and commercial buildings. Terrazzo floors are now easier to create and, more importantly, also simpler to renovate, not least due to the availability of sophisticated floor grinding machines, modern diamond tools and innovative new building materials and cleaning processes. Terrazzo is once again extremely fashionable.

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Surface preparation

Professional surface preparation is extremely important if good adhesive pull and shear strength is to be achieved for the skilled and efficient coating of floors prior to recovering them with mineral coatings or coatings bonded with synthetic resin.

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