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The new WDS 530

Manual work on wall, ceiling and floor is a thing of the past

The WDS 530 is a world first and was an International bauma Innovation Award finalist in 2019. It has also been awarded the innovation prize of the district of Göppingen. Thanks to this in-house development, decoating, renovation and finishing work that previously had to be carried out by hand can now be performed mechanically using professional grinding technology that delivers outstanding area performance.

The ergonomic and economic demands placed on decoating, renovation and finishing are increasing continuously, as are disposal costs - not least for contaminated wall and ceiling coatings. The research and development department at Schwamborn has developed an innovative, user-oriented solution for this purpose - in the form of the new wall and ceiling grinding machine. We present the stand-out highlights:

Innovative, efficient and ergonomic - now also suitable for operation with excavators

Economical grinding and the renovation of large wall and ceiling surfaces with exceptional area performance.

The WDS 530 transfers over five decades of experience in professional grinding technology to walls and ceilings. The WDS 530 works with a hydraulic drive, which can be operated not only with construction robots but - as of recently - also with excavators. It facilitates the economical grinding and renovation of large wall, ceiling and floor surfaces with exceptional area performance. Furthermore, using the WDS 530 makes work significantly easier and more straightforward.

Until the introduction of the WDS 530, the removal of contaminated material was often only possible with manual labour and the associated low area performance and high personnel costs.

Increasingly strict regulations for the demolition of buildings and the suitability for heavy grinding work for the renovation of engineering structures such as tunnels or bridges were the main reasons for the successful market launch of the wall and ceiling grinding machine. With the WDS 530 from Schwamborn, it is possible for the first time to use the latest grinding technology with ETX grinding diamonds, bush-hammering tools or diamond pads for this work in a way that is gentle on the materials and with optimum area performance.

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Full flexibility in every angular position

The WDS 530 with quick coupler and swivel motor

With the WDS 530, it is always possible to apply high and uniform contact pressure to walls and ceilings, while grinding head application is always planar thanks to the cardan technology. The machine can be equipped with a wide variety of tools, depending on the task at hand. For example, grinding diamonds for stripping and polishing walls and ceilings, as well as bush-hammering tools for substrate preparation or surface finishing.

If the WDS 530 is operated with an excavator that has a quick coupler with swivel motor as an intermediate adapter, it delivers full flexibility when working in every angular position and on sloping surfaces. Lengthy changeover times between wall, ceiling and floor grinding are a thing of the past. This not only brings about a reduction in the investment costs for efficient grinding, but also increases the machining speed.

*The WDS is the ideal technology for grinding sloping surfaces.*

Preconditions for use with an excavator

The WDS 530 with quick coupler and swivel motor offers the option of grinding in every angular position.

The WDS 530 can be used with all "conventional tracked excavators" that offer a hydraulic delivery rate of at least 50 l/min and an operating pressure of at least 120 bar. As a rule, these are already mini excavators from approx. 4 t operating weight. If the hydraulic oil flow rate is higher than 50 l/min, it must be able to be set via a proportional slide valve. Furthermore, the excavator needs two control circuits that can be switched sequentially, an open oil return line (maximum back pressure 10 bar) and a pressure-free leakage oil line that leads directly back into the oil tank. This can usually be retrofitted to the vast majority of tracked excavators.

Use with a construction robot also remains possible.

Innovations and example applications with the WDS 530

Professional dust extraction

Advantages when it comes to health & safety, and environmental compatibility

The grinding head of the WDS 530 has a total of four suction hose connections. Depending on the substrate and the contamination of the material, multiple suction is also possible. This ensures more health and environmental protection.

Machining floors, walls and ceilings is a mechanical process that inevitably generates dust. This is not only hazardous to health, but also means that it is harder and harder to find workers who enjoy performing this activity. The outstanding advantages of the innovative WDS in combination with the optimised Schwamborn industrial extraction system become apparent in particular when dealing with contaminated material and performing demolition works:

  • Thanks to the precisely adjustable contact pressure, only the necessary quantity of material is removed. This significantly reduces the quantity requiring disposal and therefore also the (ever-increasing) disposal costs.
  • The system delivers optimum health protection with its multiple dust extraction connections, and with the option of using pre-separators and high-performance Hepa filters.

    Familiarise yourself with our optimised machine-extraction-system.

WDS 530

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The options for use

The WDS 530 is suitable for a wide variety of applications

The advantages of the WDS 530 at a glance

Highly economical, ergonomic, reduce disposal costs, health-friendly