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The new WDS 530

Manual work on walls and ceilings is a thing of the past

The WDS 530 is a global first and finalist in the Bauma Innovation Award 2019 competition. Stripping, renovation and design work which previously had to be realised by hand can now be mastered mechanically with this Schwamborn development using professional grinding technology – achieving phenomenal surface quality.

The demands associated with stripping, renovation and design are also continuously increasing, both in ergonomic and efficiency terms, and the same applies to disposal costs, not least with regard to contaminated wall and ceiling coatings. With the new wall and ceiling grinder, the research and development department at Schwamborn has developed an innovative, user-oriented solution to tackle these challenges. We would like to present the most significant highlights:

Innovative, efficient and ergonomic
The WDS 530 incorporates over 50 years of experience in professional grinding technology for walls and ceilings. The WDS 530 has a hydraulic drive which can be operated through remote control of the robot. For the first time, this enables efficient grinding and refurbishing of extensive wall and ceiling areas, achieving an outstanding surface finish. Moreover, the WDS 530 considerably simplifies work and relieves stress. Prior to this, work was primarily realised through manual labour – with all the familiar disadvantages associated with labour costs and the ramifications for health.

Mechanical processes which were employed relatively infrequently were, on the one hand, not very gentle on the building fabric and, on the other, incapable of achieving coating removal results of even approximate precision.
This was not the only reason the WDS 530 gained such admiration in the BAUMA Innovation Award 2019 competition.

Uniformly high contact pressure
The WDS 530 is designed for working with BROKK demolition robots. It enables the achievement of uniformly high contact pressure on walls and ceilings, with Cardan technology ensuring that the grinding head lies flat at all times on the surface, even on slopes of up to 6%. The machine can, depending on the task involved, be equipped with a variety of tools such as grinding diamonds for stripping during subsurface preparation. Tools for polishing walls and ceilings and bush hammering tools for subsurface preparation or surface design round off the range of accessories available.

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  • WDS 530

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The WDS 530 is suitable for a wide variety of applications

The advantages of the WDS 530 at a glance

Highly economical, ergonomic, saving disposal costs, health-friendly