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FBS Floor stripping machines

We have added floor strippers to our product portfolio

The new solution for floor layers

We complete our product portfolio for floor finishing with the new "Stripper" product line. And so we are coming ever closer to our claim of being able to offer the best possible "Made in Germany" solutions for every type of floor work.

Schwamborn floor strippers are floor treatment machines for removing floor coverings and their adhesives with spare blades, blade shanks, blades, or scraper blades. Blade shanks are used for ceramic tiles and epoxy coatings. A range of different spare blades and scraper blades is available for removing linoleum, sports surfaces, carpeting and adhesives. These are available in various geometries, dimensions and degrees of sharpness to suit the respective application.

Carry on making good ground with the Schwamborn system!

Of course, the "Schwamborn system" is also used with the strippers. The variety of machines is aligned with the size of the area to be processed. The variety of accessories and tools offers a wealth of configurations between tool and machine. This ensures the best possible efficiency in terms of robustness, area perfor-mance, processing speed and thoroughness.

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FBS Floor stripping machines

Spare blades, blades & scraper blades suitable for your application

Tools & accessories for perfect coating removal

To the complete range of tools and accessories

Highlights from our range of tools and accessories

Accessory package FBS 1200, large (619072)

Delivered in a metal carrying case on wheels complete with:

7 different blade holders, 12-piece set of replacement blades, 2 self-scoring blades width 305 mm (12") and 685 mm (27"), 4-piece set of blade shanks, 1 set of scraper blades (50 pcs) 305 x 22 mm (12x7/8"), 1 blade with collecting container

Accessory package FBS 1200, small (619073)

Delivered in a metal carrying case on wheels complete with:

4 different blade holders, 5-piece set of replacement blades, 1 self-scoring blade width 305 mm (12"), 1 angled blade shank, 1 set of scraper blades (50 pcs) 305 x 22 mm (12x7/8")

Accessory package FBS 420 (619074)

Delivered in a plastic transport case on wheels complete with:

3 different blade holders in widths 203/255/305 mm, fastening clasp, 3 different U-blades, 6-piece set of replacement blades, Systainer IV, dolly

Floor stripping machines for removing floor covering