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High-end floor grinding machines

... for efficient substrate preparation, renovation and design of floors

Our high-performance DSM grinders offer outstanding surface performance, superb ergonomics and a range of accessories and tools that fulfil every wish for any application.

Substrate preparation

Whether grinding or bush-hammering, depending on the floor condition, you can find the right solution with us for creating the perfect adhesive tensile strength - the goal of all substrate preparation.

Floor renovation

In the same way, you can find the right accessories for DSM concrete grinders for renovation work on indus-trial or natural stone floors, from the removal or stripping of defective coatings or signs of wear to the pol-ished end result in designer floors.

Designer floors

Whether polished floors made of concrete or screed, modern terrazzo floors, mastic asphalt or colourfully designed cement screeds with embedded decorative elements: Designer floors are very much in vogue in modern architecture. This is how public buildings, exhibition spaces, shopping centres, industrial objects, restaurants or private living spaces become unique architectural objects.

Application technology

The configuration of the machine and accessories is critical - only then can perfect results be achieved along with the best possible area performance.

Our highly-skilled application technology advisors will be happy to guide you.
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Ergonomics & dust reduction

In recent years our in-house research and development department have perfected dust extraction systems for all of our machines. In our product portfolio you will find not only powerful industrial vacuum cleaners and dust separators which are perfectly tailored to the DSM grinding machines, but also and above all hose and coupling systems which make it possible to maintain ongoing operations without dust pollution even during the heaviest coating removal work in production halls or warehouses.

In addition, we have placed great emphasis on ergonomic handling for all DSM products and have used in-novative technology to ensure that working with our concrete grinders is as easy as possible.

The top products among the concrete grinders with remote control: DSM 650RC and DSM 800RC

DSM Floor grinders

  • DSM 250

    Edge grinding machine for ergonomic concrete grinding

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  • DSM 250S

    The perfect grinding machine for borderless grinding and polishing of concrete and screed

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  • DSM 400

    Powerful floor grinder for substrate preparation and renovation

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  • DSM 450

    Grinding machine for grinding and polishing concrete floors, marble floors and terrazzo

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  • DSM 530

    Professional grinding machine for bush-hammering, grinding and polishing industrial flooring

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  • DSM 530S

    Grinding machine with high performance for stubborn floor coatings and irregularities

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  • DSM 650S

    Grinding machine with variable grinding pressure for large concrete and screed floors

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  • DSM 800S

    Ideal for perfect grinding of car park surfaces and concrete in industrial halls

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  • DSM 650RC

    The manoeuvrable concrete grinder for particularly ergonomic floor grinding

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  • DSM 800RC

    Grinding machine with maximum area performance when grinding very large concrete floors

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DSM Concrete grinding machines in use

Various tools for every conceivable task for grinding, bush-hammering, coating removal and polishing

From premium ETX diamond tools to bush-hammering rollers and high-performance Superflex pads

To the complete range of tools and accessories

Highlights from our range of accessories for the DSM grinding machines

DSM concrete, screed and natural stone grinding machines