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WSA 70

Item number: 605333

WSA slurry vacuum

The right solution for the toughest tasks faced by wet vacuums.


The WSA 70 in detail


The special thing about the WSA 70




Special characteristics
Stainless steel tank 70 l
Deep drainage with drain cock
Sturdy steel frame
Hose with swivel joints (prevents hose twisting)
Overflow protection
Technical data (Ref. No. 605333)
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power input 1260 W
Operating weight 33 kg
4 x 4 wheel drive X
Suction hose, antistatic 3 m
Ø – suction outlet 38 mm
Container 70 l
Suction capacity 200 m3/h

Suitable accessories