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STS 400

Item number: 617003

For continuous operation with a very high air flow rate

Suitable for construction, concrete, grinding and plaster dust. With standard pre-filter and HEPA filter. Filter cleaning through air pulse process. With 3-stage dust filtration: 1st stage for coarse dust, 2nd stage with 99.9 % via a polyester pre-filter, 3rd stage via 2 x HEPA filters with 99.995%. Dust is collected in a transparent and easily transportable plastic bag (Longbag). Including hand tube with floor suction nozzle and rubber strip, brush strip, hose (length 5 / 10 m, hose connection Ø 50 / 70 mm, antistatic), Longbag and cable ties.


The STS 400 in detail


The special thing about the STS 400

Pre-filter for maximum working safety

Dust separation in Longbag

Large abrasion-resistant transportation wheels

Holder for hand tube




Special characteristics
Robust in design
Large transport wheels
Dust separation in Longbag
Suitable for continuous operation
Holder for suction nozzle
Simple hose connection with click system
Antistatic hoses
Technical data (Ref. No. 617003)
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power input 3000 W
Operating weight 110 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 45 x 92 x 143 cm
Noise level 74 dB(A)
Suction hose, antistatic 5 m
Ø – suction outlet 50 mm
Underpressure 32 kPa
Suction capacity 320 m3/h
Filter cleaning manually
Filter class HEPA 14

Suitable accessories

Longbag (615240)

4 pieces

Hepa Filter (617049)

Pre filter (617061)

Quick coupling connection 60-50 (617070)

rubber strip (617203)

brush strip (617204)

floor suction nozzle (617206)

Threaded hose connection G50/50 (617207)

Hose antistatic (617208)

Ø 50 mm, 5 m

Hose antistatic (617212)

Ø 50 mm, 10 m

Hose antistatic (617213)

Ø 70 mm, 5 m

Hose antistatic (617214)

Ø 70 mm, 10 m

Threaded hose connection G70/70 (617268)

Threaded hose connection G70/76 (617269)

Hose connector G50/G50 (617270)

Hose connector G70/G70 (617271)

Quick coupling connection 60-70 (617279)