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STS 36

Item number: 615214

Very high air flow rate

Very high air flow rate of 600 m³/h, with standard pre-filter (washable) and H13 HEPA filter. Suitable for construction, concrete, grinding and gypsum dust. With 3-stage dust filtration: 1st stage for coarse dust, 2nd stage with 99.9 % via a polyester pre-filter, 3rd stage via 2 x HEPA filters with 99.995%. Filter cleaning through air pulse process. Dust is collected in a transparent and easily transportable plastic bag (Longopac).


The STS 36 in detail


The special thing about the STS 36

HEPA filter H 13, standard

Air pulse filter cleaning




Special characteristics
Filter cleaning through air pulse
Dust separation in Longbag
Large abrasion-resistant transportation wheels
3 x HEPA filter 99.995%
High air flow of 600 m³/h
Suction hose 10 m
Technical data (Ref. No. 615214)
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power input 3800 W
Operating weight 63 kg
Noise level 70 dB(A)
Suction hose 10 m
Ø – suction outlet 63 mm
Airflow 600 m3/h
Underpressure 22 kPa
Pre filter 4.5 m2
HEPA-Filter H 13 3.6 m2

Suitable accessories

Longbag, 4 pcs. (615240)