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Item number: 717401

Remote-controlled high-performance milling machines with great floor coverage capabilities

The powerful new BEF 400RC milling and cutting machine features innovative milling technology and is equipped with a powerful 15 kW motor. It is also extremely robust. With a working width of 400 mm, this milling machine is ideally suited to large surface areas. The BEF 400RC delivers excellent results by virtue of its digitally adjustable working speed, manoeuvrability and practical height adjustment. The BEF 400RC is a multifunctional machine which is ideal for the milling and cutting of concrete and screed.


The BEF 400RC - NEU in detail


The special thing about the BEF 400RC - NEU

Remote control - all functions and settings are carried out here

Indicator light

Powerful 15 kW motor

Lateral inclination can be individually adjusted and read off

Tool-near marking of the working width of 400 mm - Easy orientation

Inspection window for tool control and connection for dust extraction

Receiving antenna for remote control signals

Hydraulic height adjustment with adjustable depth indicator and adjustable end stops for milling/cutting depth


removal of irregularities on the floor, cutting concrete, screed and other floors with diamond-tipped saw blades, cutting of joints, deep removal of concrete and screed floors for large areas, milling of protrusions, milling off coatings, removing road markings



Special characteristics
Automatic battery charging while in operation or when connected to the mains
If the motor gets overloaded, feed is interrupted briefly
Battery operation provides flexibility for transport purposes
Short distances and ramps can be powered off the mains or from a battery
Motor starting properties are automatically adapted to suit the type of tool
Motor overload protection and detection of rotational field
Tool protection
Technical data (Ref. No. 717401)
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power output 15 kW
Working width 400 mm
working weight empty 674
Milling working weight 744
working weight cutting 704 - 754
Ø-Dust control 70 mm
Dimensions LxWxH 159 x 95 x 115 cm
Dimensions LxWxH (wheel folded) 159 x 83 x 115
driving speed 0 - 15
Working speed 0 - 12
Cutters Carbide cutters

Suitable accessories

8-pt. tungst. carbide tipped cutters (702660)

80 x 8 mm

Washer hardened (714187)

4 mm, 10 pcs. required

Washer hardened (717297)

12 mm, 94 pcs. required

NOVA MINI (722200)

Compact LED work light with SMART GRIP and 1000 lumens

Operating duration 1.5-15 hrs

NOVA R (722201)

Battery LED universal work light with up to 2000 lumens

Operating duration 1-10 hrs

NOVA 3K C+R (722202)

3000 lumen LED work light with DUAL SYSTEM

Operating duration 1-14 hrs

NOVA 5K C+R (722203)

5000 lumen LED work light with DUAL SYSTEM

Operating duration 1-12 hrs

NOVA SOUND (722204)

600 lumen LED work light with integrated loudspeaker and battery

Operating duration 6 hrs/3 hrs

NOVA TRIPOD (722206)

Stationary positioning of work lighting

Height adjustable from 1.35 m to 3 m


Powerful magnetic bracket for flexible positioning of the work light on any magnetic surface

Holding force exceeds 20 kg/200N

Building site lighting KIT (722208)


USB-charge cable (722209)

Mains plug 1A (722210)

suitable for: (722200) NOVA MINI, (722205) NOVA I-VIEW

Mains plug 2A (722211)

suitable for: (722201) NOVA R, (722204) NOVA SOUND

Charge cable NOVA 3K C+R (722212)

Charge cable NOVA 5K C+R (722213)

Drum shaft (709479)

set = 6 pcs.

HM-socket, 1 set (709480)

12x 717344 + 6x 717712 + 12x 714327

Brush and seal kit (709481)

8x brushes and sealing strips

Drum with cutting disc cpl. (717631)

Incl. 66 diamond cutting discs with 4 mm washers

Diamond-cutting disc concrete (hard) (717632)

Washer hardened (717635)

4 mm

Fast-charging battery for remote control (717687)

7,2 V

Drum 8-pt. tungst. carbide tipped cutters cpl. (717700)

Drum with 6 shafts (717702)

Without cutters

Rotor without equipment and cutting discs (717719)

Toolbox cutting discs (717720)

5x narrow V-belt, 1x strap disk, 1x hexagonal pin wrench SW6, 1x open-end wrench SW95, 1x socket wrench SW41