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BEF 320V

Item number: 717012

High milling performance even with petrol drive

Innovative milling technology for large areas with up to 30 % increase in performance. An increased cutter impact performance and the even advance via a 4 x 4 all-wheel drive are a guarantee for a high milling performance even in harsh application conditions on concrete surfaces and coatings.


The BEF 320V in detail


The special thing about the BEF 320V

Foot lever for transport position = fast machine relocation

Handle with vibration protection = improved ergonomics


Removal of uneven floors, supernatants, Remove markers, Removing road markings, Milling off coatings, Deep removal of concrete and screed floors



Special characteristics
Milling, Scarifying direction forwards
Micro depth control
Drum axle
Drum in front, thus no copy effect (System Schwamborn)
Quick drum lowering/lifting
Drum with bushes, longer service life
Drive, infinitely variable, 4 x 4 all-wheel drive
Drive, forward + reverse
Crane hook
Ergonomic handle, adjustable
Technical data (Ref. No. 717012)
Drive Petrol
Power output 8.7 kW
Working width 320 mm
Operating weight 344 kg
Edge distance 72 mm
Tank 6.1 l
Ø-Dust control 76 mm
Dimensions LxWxH 148 x 65,3 x 112 cm
4 x 4 wheel drive X

Suitable accessories

8-pt. tungst. carbide tipped cutters (702660)

80 x 8 mm

Drum shaft (709163)

Ø 22 mm, set = 6 pcs.

8-pt. tungst. carbide tipped cutters (713140)

8-point-HME-cutters, ECO version, 80 x 8 mm

Washers hardened (714187)

4 mm, 10 pcs. required

Drum (717280)

With 8-pt. tungst. carbide tipped cutters, Ø 80 mm

Drum (717281)

With peeling cutters, Ø 80 mm

Drum (717282)

With 8-point carbide wheels Ø 80 mm, fine milling motor

Drum with 6 shafts (717283)

w/o equipment Ø 22 mm

Bushes for drum (717344)

Ø 22 mm, 12 pcs. required

Washers hardened (717297)

12 mm, 94 pcs. required

Peeling cutters (718571)

Ø 80 x 20 mm

BEF 250 (36 pieces, required), BEF 301 (36 pieces, required), BEF 320 (36 pieces, required)

NOVA MINI (722200)

Kompakte LED-Arbeitsleuchte mit SMART GRIP und 1000 Lumen

Betriebsdauer 1,5-15 Std.

NOVA R (722201)

Akku LED-Universalarbeitsleuchte mit bis zu 2000 Lumen

Betriebsdauer 1-10 Std.

NOVA 3K C+R (722202)

3000 Lumen LED-Arbeitsleuchte mit DUAL SYSTEM

Betriebsdauer 1-14 Std.

NOVA 5K C+R (722203)

5000 Lumen LED-Arbeitsleuchte mit DUAL SYSTEM

Betriebsdauer 1-12 Std.

NOVA SOUND (722204)

600 Lumen LED-Arbeitsleuchte mit eingebautem Lautsprecher und Akku

Betriebsdauer 6 Std./3 Std.

NOVA STATIV (722206)

Stationäre Positionierung von Arbeitsleuchten

Höhenverstellbar von 1,35 m bis 3 m

NOVA Magnethalter (722207)

Starker Magnethalter für flexible Positionierung an allen magnetischen Oberflächen

Haltekraft von mehr als 20 kg / 200 N

Baustellenbeleuchtung KIT (722208)

Beinhaltet: NOVA 5K C+R / NOVA STATIV / NOVA Magnethalter

USB-Ladekabel (722209)

Netzstecker 1A (722210)

passt für: (722200) NOVA MINI, (722205) NOVA I-VIEW

Netzstecker 2A (722211)

passt für: (722201) NOVA R, (722204) NOVA SOUND

Ladekabel NOVA 3K C+R (722212)

Ladekabel NOVA 5K C+R (722213)