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published: 21.07.2022

WDS 530 can now be used with excavators

Professional wall, ceiling and floor grinding now possible with excavators

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The Schwamborn WDS 530 wall and ceiling grinding machine, which has won several awards for its innovation, can now be operated with standard excavators

"Manual work was yesterday" – with this motto, Schwamborn successfully launched the absolute world innovation for professional stripping, renovation and design of walls and ceilings in 2019. Now it is no longer essential to have a construction robot to use this innovation. From now on, the WDS 530 can also be operated with standard excavators.

Wall grinding with the WDS 530 is done with an even, hydraulic contact pressure. In the picture, between the grinder and the excavator arm: The quick coupler with swivel motor

Until the introduction of the WDS 530, the removal of contaminated material was often only possible with manual labour and the associated low area performance and high personnel costs. Increasingly strict regulations for the demo-lition of buildings and the suitability for heavy grinding work for the renovation of engineering structures such as tunnels, retention basins or bridges were the main reasons for the successful market launch of the wall and ceiling grinding machine. With the WDS 530 from Schwamborn, it was possible for the first time to use the latest grinding technology with ETX grinding diamonds, bush-hammering tools or diamond pads for this work in a way that is gentle on the materials and with outstanding surface performance.

In addition to being equipped with ETX grinding diamonds and diamond pads, the WDS 530 can also be fitted with bush-hammering rollers..

"The demand and requirements of our customers and the innovative power of our own research and development department have now led to the WDS also being able to be used with excavators," explains CEO Eckart Schwamborn. "The advantages lie in the lower investment costs for the contractors, the outstanding area performance and, above all, also in the shorter changeover times, as efficient and convenient working is now possible in all angled positions." In addition, says Kurt Sonnleitner (Research & Development), "There are considerable advantages in health protection and environmental compatibility of the work thanks to the professional dust extraction with our similarly optimised industrial vacuum system."

The grinding head of the WDS 530 has a total of four suction hose connections. Depending on the substrate and the contamination of the material, multiple suction is also possible. This ensures more health and environmental protection.

The WDS 530 can be used with all "conventional tracked excavators" that offer a hydraulic delivery rate of at least 50 l/min and an operating pressure of at least 120 bar. As a rule, these are already mini excavators from approx. 4 t operating weight.

If the hydraulic oil flow rate is higher than 50 l/min, it must be able to be set via a proportional slide valve. Furthermore, the excavator needs two control circuits that can be switched sequentially, an open oil return line (maximum back pressure 10 bar) and a pressure-free leakage oil line that leads directly back into the oil tank. "This," says Kurt Sonnleitner, "can usually be retrofitted to the vast majority of tracked excavators."

Grinding sloping surfaces is also possible with the WDS 530.

For full flexibility, which includes all angled positions and also trouble-free grinding of base surfaces, you need a quick coupler with a swivel motor as an intermediate adapter. These are, for example, the Powertilt or Tiltrotator adapters from Lehnhoff, which are also commercially available.

Floor grinding, e.g. in retention basins or swimming pools, is also possible without any problems with the WDS on an excavator.

"Our aim in all our developments, which we undertake in close consultation with our users, is to take on board the needs of our customers and find practicable solutions," says Eckart Schwamborn. "'Manual labour was yesterday' is a promise that has now been kept for even wider and easier use of the innovative wall, ceiling and floor grinding machine."

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