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published: 18.02.2021

16,000 m² polished to a high gloss

With the DSM 650RC, the floor could be grinded to a high-gloss finish in just one grinding pass using the 100 or 400 grit diamond pads.

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The working width, grinding pressure and area performance of the manoeuvrable three-disc grinding machine were perfectly suited for wet grinding the total area of 16,000 sqm.

Severely stained concrete floor professionally cleaned and polished with mod-ern grinding technology.

Severe soiling of the concrete floor due to weather conditions and heavy use during construction work
Right: Dirty floor surface before the grinding process - Left: Ground with the remote-controlled Schwamborn DSM 650RC grinding machine

Concrete flooring in even new structures can quickly become very dirty, as evident in this example of an office and production building. After treatment with a conventional cleaning machine failed to achieve a satisfactory result, the floor was soon readied for daily use through the application of professional grinding technology.

DSM 650RC grinding machine in action, fitted with Superflex-W diamond pads
“Weather conditions and heavy use by building personnel led to severe soiling of the floor in our new multi-storey structure”, explains Heinz Kast, Site Manager at Falch, the company that has erected the new office and production facility. Rusty surface areas and excessive soiling needed to be cleaned on all four storeys. However, conventional industrial cleaning failed to achieve the desired result. Com-pany owner Achim Falch therefore turned to the application technology provided by Schwamborn, the grinding machine manufacturer from Wangen, requesting the achievement of an attractive and resistant concrete floor appearance without any additional coating.
The result is impressive - a smooth, robust and glossy concrete floor surface achieved in a single grinding operation
“You'll gain ground with us” is Schwamborn's promise, and this was delivered by Schwamborn experts as they illustrated the technique employed and effect achieved with modern grinding technology on a demonstration area. “On a small test area, we first subjected the concrete to wet grinding using our Superflex-W diamond pads with a 100 grain size. At the same time, we were able to demonstrate that the ap-plication of additional surface protection through the Schwamborn Protect A chem-ical product from the new WISA line achieves a further visible improvement and makes the floor easier to care for”, explains Ewald Wohlfart from Schwamborn.

Achim and Axel Falch, owners of the company and themselves experts in water jet technology for concrete, were extremely impressed. “Our aim was to create prestig-ious flooring that also contributes to the positive impression gained by our visitors, and this has been a complete success”, says Achim Falch, founder of the enterprise established in 1986 which has enjoyed continuous growth ever since.

Photo documentation illustrates that both stubborn dirt and the liquid film applied to protect the new concrete were successfully removed, and the floor was sanded to achieve a final high-gloss finish in a single grinding operation using diamond pads with a 100 and 400 grain size. This work was realised using the remote-controlled Schwamborn DSM 650RC concrete grinding machine. The working width, grind-ing pressure and surface machining performance achieved with the manoeuvrable triple-disc grinding machine proved to be perfect for wet grinding of the 16,000 m² area. The visible results achieved speak for themselves.

Machines used

  • DSM 650RC

    The manoeuvrable concrete grinder for particularly ergonomic floor grinding

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Tools & accessories used

  • Corundum (077500)

    gr. 30, Ø 400 mm, for 526400, 522900

  • SUPERFLEX-W (713201)

    yellow, Grain 100, Ø 76 mm, Wet

    Screed, concrete, cement terrazzo

  • SUPERFLEX-W (713203)

    red, Grain 400, Ø 76 mm, Wet

    Screed, concrete, cement terrazzo

  • Protect W (722242)

    10 litre