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published: 04.05.2021

Extremely thorough and especially quiet at 1,410 oscillations per minute

Versatile in use. Available with water tank or vacuum cleaner.

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The new oscillation technology is best described by its outstanding smoothness and easy handling. This enables the OES 430 to be guided "virtually with one finger" and with very little effort.

For the first time, Schwamborn unveils an oscillating cleaning machine – the OES 430

The rotation of discs on cleaning machines creates a proficient cleaning effect. If, in addition to rotating, they also move simultaneously in every horizontal direction, the effect achieved is enhanced even further and handling greatly facilitated. These movements generated in addition to rotation are known as oscillations.

Three equipment versions: The OES 430 oscillating single disc machine can also be equipped with a water tank or suction unit for versatile use

Schwamborn, the German manufacturer of professional cleaning machinery, has for the first time unveiled a floor cleaning machine that employs oscillation technology. “In addition to offering engineering Made in Germany, we aim to ensure that, in combination with the appropriate accessories, all our machines provide solutions for very specific applications”, says Tobias Raab, Production Manager at Schwamborn. The concept is known as the Schwamborn System and focuses clearly on the user.

This has led to the development of a special PU pad manufactured exclusively from recycled products that is particularly robust and suitable for basic and maintenance cleaning of all hard flooring surfaces. In addition, the OES 430 can also be equipped with a water tank, making it ideal for wet cleaning. A splash guard and suction ring specially developed for the OES ensure that water is used sparingly and accurately, and suctioning is also extremely effective. The OES 430 can also be combined with a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner. Pads for pol-ishing and scrubbing round off a sophisticated range of accessories.

Grinding discs which have been specially developed for oscillation technology mean that the machine can also be used for refurbishing and grinding of screed floors, crystallising of marble and sanding of wood floors.

Oscillating rotation creates horizontal movements in every conceivable direc-tion. This achieves particularly thorough cleaning results

The quiet running characteristics and ease of handling achieved with the new oscillation technology are outstanding. As a result, the machine can be guided without any excessive exertion of force, and this “finger-light” handling achieves an excellent surface quality without fatiguing the cleaning worker.

The OES 430 offers particular advantages on large areas and uneven surfaces such as tiles or natural stone. In combination with its versatile accessories, this makes it the perfect maintenance cleaning machine for use in public institutions, airports, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and office buildings.

Machines used

  • OES 430 - NEW

    Oscillating single disc machine for all cleaning applications

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Tools & accessories used

  • Melamin Pad Supreme (722186)

    Ø-432 mm

    set = 5 pcs.