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published: 27.08.2020

Systematically coordinated chemical products

Schwamborn überarbeitet das Chemie-Produktportfolio zum Reinigen, Vergüten, Schützen, Kristallsieren und Pflegen von Fußböden

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Zum Reinigen, Vergüten, Schützen, Kristallisieren, und Pflegen benötigt man exakt auf Bodentyp und Nutzung zugeschnittene Chemieprodukte.

Schwamborn revises its chemical product portfolio for the cleaning, tempering, protecting, crystallising and care of floors.

Depending on the quality and use of floors, different chemical products are required to provide the best possible protection, improve flooring properties and achieve simplified cleaning and care. Schwamborn, the expert for professional floor construction, has now developed a coordinated offer in this respect.

Chemical care products of high quality for a sustainable cleaning, protection and care of floors
The variety of contemporary floors continues to grow. Terrazzo, screeds, granite, gneiss, quartzite, sandstone, travertine, marble, limestone, slate and both natural and artificial stones are only the most important flooring types available today. The material used or process employed means that these can be extremely absorbent or polished and finely ground.

Chemical products which are tailored exactly to the floor type and usage are needed for cleaning, tempering, protecting, crystallising and care. “We had for some time wanted to highlight our expertise in this area through a systematically coordinated offer”, explains CEO Eckart Schwamborn. Schwamborn has been manufacturing high-tech building machinery for 85 years for the creation, refurbishment, design and care of floors. Chemical products were a traditional part of the product portfolio in this respect. “In particular, through the impulses of our Application Technology division, which is in permanent contact with our customers, it became increasingly clear that there was enormous market interest in complete solutions, including chemical products, as these would do justice to the many innovations in floor construction”, says the CEO.

NEW: WISA stain protection system

The new stain protection system WISA provides optimum protection from oil, grease, water and dirt

“Through the Protect range of chemicals, our new WISA stain protection system meets precisely these requirements. It offers water, silane, acrylic polymer, fluoropolymer or hydrogen-based chemical agents perfectly adapted to every application”, says Siegmund Griesheimer, Application Technology Team Leader at Schwamborn. The new system therefore protects every floor type against water, dirt, grease and oil.

This range of chemical products is rounded off by products for cleaning, tempering, crystallising and care. Pro Clean is a highly effective basic alkaline cleaner for a variety of applications. In three different compositions, Betonhart contributes to improved concrete properties (e.g. surface hardness). The crystallising agents lend a natural sheen to natural stone, marble, concrete and terrazzo and are free of wax components, avoiding the formation of unpleasant layers. Care products such as stone soap and formwork paste ensure cleanliness and prevent the adherence of concrete residue to formwork.

As a result, an appropriate Schwamborn chemical product is available for every conceivable floor treatment.

Solvent-based impregnation for significant water and oil repellent surfaces

Tools & accessories used

  • PROTECT stone soap (706897)

    5 litre

  • Protect W (722242)

    10 litre

  • Protect I (722243)

    10 litre

  • Protect S (722244)

    10 Liter

  • Protect A (722245)

    10 litre