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published: 14.07.2020

Making small larger while combining old and new

Produktionshallenfläche verdoppelt, Boden saniert, endgefertigt und mit den neuen Schwamborn Chemieprodukten nachhaltig geschützt

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Eine Metallwarenfabrik im Schwarzwald hat die Fläche ihrer Produktionshalle durch Anbau auf eine Gesamtfläche von 1.200 m² vergrößert – der Altboden wurde saniert und an den Neuboden angepasst.

Production hall area doubled, floor refurbished, finished and lastingly protected with new Schwamborn chemical products

Removal of 600 m² consisting of OS 11 coating with Schwamborn floor grinders DSM 800RC
600 m² of new concrete – waterproofed with surface protection agent
A factory for the manufacture of metal products in the Black Forest increased the size of its production hall by extending its premises to a total area **of 1,200 m²**. The old floor needed to be refurbished for this purpose and then adapted to the new concrete floor. The task was accomplished with the aid of Schwamborn grinding technology – quickly, conveniently and with perfect re-sults.

The client had to decide whether the floor in the existing half should be com-pletely renewed or adapted to that created in the new part of the production hall. Following a cost-benefit analysis, it was decided to adapt the industrial flooring and create a highly polished, waterproofed and extremely durable con-crete floor covering the entire area.

Modern industrial floors e.g. made of concrete require specific protection, cleaning and care products to be fully effective

For this reason, the existing OS 11 coating, which was largely worn with exten-sive crack bridging to seal separating cracks (as also used in car parks and on open-air decks), was removed parallel to construction of the new hall extension. When it came to selecting machinery, it was decided to choose the remote-controlled Schwamborn DSM 800 RC, due to its ergonomic characteristics and the surface quality achieved, and the Schwamborn DSM 250S, which permits stripping and grinding right up to the edge, thus dispensing with the need for additional manual work.

PKD Barracuda SR ETX2 Premium diamond toolswere selected for stripping, as these were specially developed for removing thick medium-hard coatings such as OS 11. Both the new and stripped concrete floors were prepared for polish-ing with ETX1 Premium EX-HC 40 and 80 diamond tools. This was realised with the Superflex wet diamond pad (100 grain), wet grinding to achieve a high-gloss finish.

The final result was achieved in only 3 grinding operations, thanks to the phe-nomenal surface quality achieved with astonishing speed using the DSM 800 RC.

Finally, the concrete floor was waterproofed with a surface protection agent. Depending on the quality and use of floors, different chemical products are re-quired to provide the best possible protection, improve flooring properties and achieve simplified cleaning and care. Schwamborn, the expert for professional floor construction, has now developed a coordinated offer in this respect.

The variety of contemporary floors continues to grow. Artificial stone/terrazzo, screeds, granite, gneiss, quartzite, sandstone, travertine, marble, limestone, slate and both natural and artificial stones are only the most important flooring types available today.

Chemical products which are tailored exactly to the floor type and usage are needed for cleaning, tempering, crystallising and care. “We had for some time wanted to highlight our expertise in this area through a systematically coordi-nated offer”, explains CEO Eckart Schwamborn. Chemical products were a tradi-tional part of the product portfolio in this respect. “In particular, through the impulses of our Application Technology division, which is in permanent contact with our customers, it became increasingly clear that enormous interest existed on the market for complete solutions, including chemical products, as these would do justice to the many innovations in floor construction”, says the CEO.

NEW: WISA stain protection system

“Through the Protect range of chemicals, our new WISA stain protection system meets precisely these requirements. It offers water, silane, acrylic polymer, fluoropolymer or hydrogen-based chemical agents perfectly adapted to every application”, says Siegmund Griesheimer, Application Technology Team Leader at Schwamborn. The new system therefore protects every floor type against water, dirt, grease and oil.

The new WISA stain protection system provides lasting protection for modern floors against water, dirt, grease and oil

Protect I from the WISA series was used in the production hall. It is a special sol-vent-based impregnating agent based on silane which achieves a surface with exceptional water and oil-repellent properties. It is ideal for polished and unpol-ished cement-bound flooring and artificial stone used for industrial purposes. Protect I ensures that the floor absorbs very little water, with the surface re-maining breathable. The floor is more resistant to wear as a result and perfectly protected against the penetration of dirt.

Consequently, both the refurbished and newly created part of the floor in the new warehouse offer maximum resilience and an equally long service life expec-tancy. The example demonstrates that, with modern grinding technology, a per-fect choice of tools and special chemical solutions, an industrial floor that can withstand the greatest strain can be created and refurbished with extreme effi-ciency. Moreover, it was also demonstrated that refurbishment of the old floor-ing made considerable savings possible without compromising durability and the overall appearance.

Machines used

  • DSM 250S

    The perfect grinding machine for borderless grinding and polishing of concrete and screed

    More Information
  • DSM 800RC

    Grinding machine with maximum area performance when grinding very large concrete floors

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Tools & accessories used

  • RB-Barracuda SR PKD (707936)

    Removal of thick, medium-hard coatings (OS 11), adhesive, paint

  • C-HC 40 (713011)

    yellow, Grain 40

    Hard concrete, micro & synthetic resin terrazzo, coatings, paint, adhesive

  • C-HC 80 (713014)

    yellow, Grain 80

    Hard concrete, micro & synthetic resin terrazzo, coatings, paint, adhesive