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published: 10.02.2023

6,000 m2 of retail space renovated during ongoing operations

Efficient floor grinding technology and perfected dust reduction enable renovation without interrupting sales

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The major challenge when renovating floors in large retail areas is to disrupt ongoing sales operations as little as possible. In furniture stores in particular, there is also the major challenge of working with as little dust as possible. With this application example, we show how this was achieved with great success at "Möbel Roller" in Offenburg, Germany.

Schwamborn, one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art floor grinding machines, has been promising its customers systematic floor processing for over 85 years. In the meantime, an ever more perfected system has been created that ranges from covering removal and substrate preparation to almost perfect dust reduction. This made Schwamborn the first choice for the renovation of 6,000 m2 of retail space in the furniture store.

The work steps

In the first step, the floor covering consisting of PVC, linoleum and carpet was removed with a ride-on floor stripper. After that, the remaining filler and the epoxy resin coating had to be removed and the floor prepared for the new covering at the same time. With the Schwamborn DSM 800RC, a three-disc grinding machine that can be operated with remote control, this heavy work can be carried out with the greatest possible comfort for the operator. According to the motto of Schwamborn application technology "Hard soils, soft binding - soft soils hard binding" - the DSM 800RC was equipped with the new Schwamborn Giants C-SSC with a 20 grit. These powerful grinding diamonds of the "TripleA class" impress with their durability and thoroughness on large surfaces. “A set of grinding diamonds each had a tool life of 1,200 m2. The preparation of the substrate, including the removal of filler and epoxy resin, was carried out so efficiently in one grinding operation that the floor was pre-pared to mineral purity at the same time," emphasizes Ewald Wohlfart from Schwamborn Application Technology.

Removal of old flooring with a ride-on stripper

Removal of filler and epoxy resin down to mineral cleanliness of the concrete subsoil with the DSM 800RC

The grinding discs of the DSM 800RC were equipped with the new Giants SSC with a tool life of 1,200 square meters.

On the right the soil after stripping, on the left grinded to mineral purity.

In this way, the furniture store was able to be fitted section by section with a floor covering made of polyolefin (wood look) in the shortest possible time while operations continued.

Perfected dust reduction

The full strength of the "Schwamborn system" is particularly evident in furniture stores with dust-sensitive exhibits, in which machines, diamond tools and the integrated dust extraction system are so perfectly coordinated that not only the floor can be renovated extremely efficiently, but also people and people Material remains largely dust-free. Thanks to high-performance dust separators, such as the STA 550 in this case in combination with the Schwamborn STS 750 industrial vacuum cleaner, this can be disposed of cleanly and without any problems with the least possible amount of waste,” says the experienced application engineer Wohlfart happily.

After the grinding, the floor was primed and the cracks in the subsoil were repaired with epoxy resin in accordance with the standards. Möbel Roller in Offenburg was able to enjoy a new, attractive and durable floor on its large sales area in a very short time.

Machines used

  • DSM 800RC

    Grinding machine with maximum area performance when grinding very large concrete floors

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Tools & accessories used

  • C-SSC 20 (713048)

    red, Grain 20

    Soft concrete, screed, asphalt