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Betonhart Li

Leads to significant improvements of concrete properties

With its extremely high lithium content, Betonhart Li achieves considerably improved concrete properties with regard to abrasion resistance, surface hardness, chemical resistance and impact strength. Lithium silicate penetrates the concrete, creating an insoluble calcium silicate hydrate.
This makes concrete surfaces denser and harder, with the penetration of liquids and other dirt being marginally reduced.

Special characteristics:

  • Enhanced sheen
  • High depth of penetration
  • Absorbs less water, with the surface remaining breathable
  • Prevents flooring dust formation

Betonhart H

With a strengthening and compressing effect on the concrete surface

  • Betonhart H is a ready-to-use or dilutable single-component product which has a consolidating and solidifying effect on the concrete surface and integrated basic stain protection. Cavities (pores/capillaries) are filled, leading to spontaneous densification of the surfaces of cementitious materials.

The result is densification and consolidation, leading to dirt repellency. In addition, dust is effectively bonded and abrasion protection improved.

Special characteristics:

  • Integrated basic protection
  • Absorbs less water, with the surface remaining breathable
  • Prevents flooring dust formation


Impregnation for the compaction of cement bonded industrial screed and concrete floor

A liquid silicate-based impregnating agent that penetrates the floor, leading to densification of cement-bound industrial screeds and concrete floors.
Betonhart improves surface hardness, abrasion resistance, water repellency and dust bonding as a result and provides better protection against light soilings.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for further assistance or intense consulting.

Special characteristics:

  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Water repellency
  • Ideal impact resistance
  • Prevents flooring dust formation

Product overview

Betonhart (713235)

20 litre

Betonhart Li (722241)

10 litre

Betonhart H (722246)

10 litre

Mop microfiber cloth 10 pack (718614)

10x microfiber cloth

Starter kit mop (718615)

Telescopic handle, mop holder and 10x microfibre cloth


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