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The new WISA stain protection system

The new stain protection system WISA provides optimum protection from oil, grease, water and dirt. The stain protection series WISA meets the demands of the different floors for extra stain protection.

The variety of contemporary floors continues to grow

Artificial stone/terrazzo, screeds, granite, gneiss, quartzite, sandstone, travertine, marble, limestone, slate and both natural and artificial stones are only the most important modern flooring types.

The material used or process employed means that these can be extremely absorbent or polished and finely ground. Depending on the quality and use of floors, different primers and waterproofing media are required to provide the best possible protection and achieve simplified cleaning and care.

Through the Protect range of chemicals, our new WISA stain protection system meets precisely these requirements. It provides water, silane, acrylic polymer, fluoropolymer or hydrogen-based chemical agents perfectly adapted to every application.

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Protect W

A water-based impregnating agent with fluoropolymers that renders surfaces water and oil repellent

Cleaning of floors is considerably facilitated, and oily and greasy dirt is strongly reduced and can be removed with greater ease.

Special characteristics:

  • Solvent-free and odourless
  • Counteracts the penetration of dirt
  • Vapour diffusion permeable
  • Facilitates cleaning

Protect I

Solvent-based impregnation for significant water and oil repellent surfaces

A special solvent-based impregnating agent based on silane which achieves a surface exceptionally repellent to water and oil. It is ideal for polished and unpolished cement-bound flooring, industrial artificial stone/terrazzo and screeds and on granite, gneiss, quartzite, sandstone, travertine, marble, limestone, slate and artificial stones.

Special characteristics:

  • Absorbs less water, with the surface remaining breathable
  • Counteracts the penetration of dirt
  • Increased degree of wear on floor

Protect S

A watery primer based on an acrylic-copolymer with a water-repellent effect

Ideal for excessively absorbent, cement-bound flooring materials when a dense surface is desired. The primer penetrates into the surface, thus reducing the ingress of liquids and other dirt.

Special characteristics:

  • High-filling capacity
  • For highly absorbent floors
  • Fast-drying
  • Protection against oils and greases

Protect A

Solvent-based impregnation for polished and honed natural and artificial stone

A solvent-based impregnate for terrazzo, natural and artificial stone, polished and fine-ground concrete floors as well as for all hard-material and magnesite screeds.
The impregnation is highly grease, oil, water and dirt repellent.

Special characteristics:

  • Facilitates cleaning
  • No impact on floor sheen
  • Colourless

Product overview

Protect W (722242)

10 litre

Protect I (722243)

10 litre

Protect S (722244)

10 Liter

Protect A (722245)

10 litre

Mop microfiber cloth 10 pack (718614)

10x microfiber cloth

Starter kit mop (718615)

Telescopic handle, mop holder and 10x microfibre cloth


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Stain protection system WISA for optimum protection