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Basic cleaner Pro Clean

The highly effective alkaline basic cleaner for a versatile application

A highly effective basic alkaline cleaner for professional removal of oil and grease soiling, residual floor care products, light wax films and general dirt.

Stubborn dirt deposits on industrial floors, cement screeds, terrazzo, artificial and natural stone and fine stoneware tiles are removed speedily and without difficulty as a result.
Pro Clean is the perfect choice for a basic cleaning before applying the stain protection system WISA.

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Special characteristics:
Mild odour, free of alkalis and solvent
Aids removal of cement residue on polished surfaces
Perfectly suited to final construction cleaning
Detaches and disintegrates oils, greases, old care agent films, wax and polish layers

Product overview

Pro Clean (722240)

10 litre


Chemistry brochure, Product data sheet

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