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Crystallization agent

A durable and resistant polish

The crystallization agent ensures a lasting and resistant sheen that seals and protects the floor. It is ideal for natural stone, marble and terrazzo floors.


For polishing natural stone, marble, terrazzo

A crystallising agent for marble, artificial stone and terrazzo. It is particularly suitable for the high-gloss polishing of matt stone floors as well as grinding and polishing synthetic resin diamonds from a grit of 400. Marmolin creates a natural high gloss, is free from wax contents and does not form layers. It is a wet crystallisation agent and is suitable for the polishing of old stone floors as well as for use immediately after wet polishing with diamond tools.

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Product overview

Crystallization agent (515900)

5 litre

Marmolin (608811)

5 kg

Marmolin (608812)

25 kg

Mop microfiber cloth 10 pack (718614)

10x microfiber cloth

Starter kit mop (718615)

Telescopic handle, mop holder and 10x microfibre cloth


Chemistry brochure, Product data sheet

Crystallisation for a durable polish