EU 510

EU 510

Item number 614403

Ultra-High-Speed solution with dust control
For high-gloss finish on vinyl, linoleum and stone floors. The flexible pad system provides a perfect and glossy finish. A low noise level and passive dust control ensures a convenient operation.

Special features
  • Very low noise level
  • High performance
  • Pad pressure adjustable
  • Safe and easy in application
  • Compact in transportation
Possible applications
High gloss finish, spray buffing.
Technical data
Technical Attributes
Voltage 230 Volt
Frequency 50 Hz
Motor 1,6 kW
Ø-Working width 510 mm
Operating weight 41 kg
Brush pressure 1-11 g/cm²
Ø-Tool dimension 510 mm
Tool speed 1500 r.p.m.
Power supply 20 m
Noice level 58 dB(A)
Drive mechanism Direct drive
Description natural stone, PVC, linoleum, floor, industrial floors
Dust bag

Dust bag

Item number: 608098

set = 5 pcs.
Pad Ø-508 mm, Natural Blend

Pad Ø-508 mm, Natural Blend

Item number: 608041

set = 5 pcs.
Pad Ø-508 mm, Eraser Pink

Pad Ø-508 mm, Eraser Pink

Item number: 608042

set = 5 pcs.

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